Peter hudec bratislava

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Peter hudec bratislava

Bratislava Capitals is a professional Slovak ice hockey club based in BratislavaSlovakia. They currently play in the Slovak 1. The team was established in Club HC Bratislava established in in response to the missing Bratislava senior team in Slovak competitions. In the premier season in the second league of hockey, 16 participants were placed in 12th place. The club stabilized, established itself in the second league of hockey and ended up 4th in 20 teams. The club went through a complete rebranding, including a change of name of the club to Bratislava Capitals, under which it will operate in the next season.

In —20 season they started play their home matches at Ondrej Nepela Arenaalso known as Slovnaft Arena. Team also signed lots of players from Tipsport ligaprobably the biggest name is canadian player Eric Selleck. Source: capitals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric Selleck — present. Retrieved Slovak 1. Slovak Ice Hockey Federation Slovak 2.

Liga Slovak Extraliga National men's team National women's team.

peter hudec bratislava

Hidden categories: Articles with hCards. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. BratislavaSlovakia. Ondrej Nepela Arena capacity 10, Red, white, black, grey.Martin Fecko, Ing. Michaela Hluzin, Ing. Henrieta Kocipak, Ing. Eduard Marcinek, Mgr.

Marian Bartko, Ing. Karol Kotus, JUDr. Jozef Oravec, Ing. Tesfu Weldesenbet, Ing. Martin Barta, Ing. Marek Galinski, Ing. Andrej Jankula, Ing.

peter hudec bratislava

Monika Deneva, Ing. Boris Zemko, Ing. Eva Heptner, Mgr. Martin Jamrich, Ing. Juraj Kapusta, RNDr. Jaroslav Regec, Ing. Ladislav Oravec, Ing. Miroslav Rafaj, Mgr. Peter Hudec, Ing. Stanislav Manca, Ing. Peter Duch, Ing. Roman Nemec, Mgr. Andrej Batel, Mgr. Martin Bencko, Mgr.

Peter Jurkovic, PechaKucha Night Bratislava vol. 26, 16.4.2014

Marek Burda, Ing. Pavol Doval, Ing.In Austrian Journal of Statistics.

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In Computer Science and Information Systems. In Expert systems with applications : an international journal. In Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research. In Statistika : journal of official statistics. In Info M.

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In Management. Computational intelligence and informatics : proceedings of the 16th IEEE international symposium : NovemberBudapest.

In Kybernetika : international journal published by Institute of information theory and automation. Kybernetika51 6 : Expert Systems with Applications40 7 — Hudec M. Expert Systems with Applications39 10 : — A Fuzzy System for Municipalities Classification. Computer Science and Information Systems6 2 : ComSIS Consortium.

Austrian Journal of Statistics. Special issue: Official Statistics and Survey Methodology43 1 : Acta Informatica Pragensia2 2 Hudec M. Statistika48 1 Hudec M.

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ManagementHudec M. In: S. Alam, G. Dobbie, Y. Sing Koh and S. Information Science Reference, Hershey. Issues in construction of linguistic summaries.

Laboratory of heterogeneous catalysis

In: R. Mesiar, T. STU Bratislava. Students or CandidatesBratislava. Eurasian multidisciplinary forumTbilisi. Applied StatisticsBled.The Slovak National Council adopted a new constitution for the republic on September 1,four months before the partition of the federation. In general philosophy, this document—like its Czech counterpart—reflects the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms passed by the former Czechoslovak Federal Assembly in The constitution provides for a unicameral legislature the National Councilconsisting of deputies chosen by direct general election.

The head of state, the president, is elected for a five-year term. The constitution specified that the president was to be elected by a three-fifths majority of the National Council; however, in the government approved a constitutional amendment that changed the procedure so that subsequent presidents would be directly elected.

The supreme executive body of the republic is the government formed by the prime ministerwhom the president appoints. The prime minister is usually the leader of the majority party or coalition in the National Council. The constitution addresses the issue of local administration only cursorily, defining the single unit of municipality as a territorial and administrative entity exercising jurisdiction over its permanent residents.

Actually, Slovakia is composed of eight administrative regions including Greater Bratislavawith each region divided into a number of districts. The ultimate aim of this reconfiguration was transparent: to reduce the number of ethnic Hungarians elected to the municipal and district councils. However, the reconfiguration of 15 existing southern districts and the creation of 37 new ones did not substantially change the ethnic balance in the southern councils, as was shown in subsequent elections.

The apex of the Slovak judicial system is the Supreme Court, to which district and regional courts are subordinated.


The Constitutional Court, comprising a panel of judges appointed by the president, occupies a special position, as it deals with matters arising from the constitution and the application of international treaties. The lower courts of justice resolve civil and criminal matters and assess the legality of administrative rulings.

All Slovaks gain the right to vote at age Because delegates to the National Council are elected through a system of proportional representationmany political parties combine in the legislature.

Inwith the withdrawal of Soviet troops and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pactfederated Czechoslovakia assumed control of its own military affairs. This responsibility, in turn, devolved to Slovakia and the Czech Republic on January 1, The apportionment of formerly federal military property between the two new republics was a major hurdle in the partition process, as was the creation of separate armed forces. The country also has separate civil defense troops and internal security forces.

The right to conscientious objection is enshrined in the constitution; however, this right does not apply to those who are already serving in the military. In conscription was reduced from one year to six months of service; in it was phased out. The transformation from conscript army to professional army was undertaken to comply with the standards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATOwhich Slovakia joined in Slovakia also supported the U.

peter hudec bratislava

National and local police forces enforce the law. As in the Czech Republic, democratization and liberalization precipitated an increase in crime, which overburdened the existing police forces for a time. Since independence, Slovak police also have had to contend with international criminal gangs. The constitution retains the federal guarantees of free health care under a public insurance program. The health care system remains largely under state control, though private facilities and private medical insurance have been introduced.

Factory and community clinics, first aid stations, and other outpatient facilities supplement the national system of hospitals.

An act introduced in required employers to contribute a percentage of their payroll and the self-employed to contribute a portion of their earnings toward social insurance. Old-age pensions are paid to both men and women.Faculty of Chemical Technology.

Pavol Hudec, PhD. The subject of research is direct conversion of vegetable oils, products of thermal processing of waste polymers and of biomass to fuels in FCC process on standard FCC catalysts modified with ZSM-5 zeolite, which will provide a better conversion of oxygen compounds of biomass into hydrocarbons.

Research is devoted also to the alkylation of aromatic with long-chain 1-alkenes CC18 to alkylaromatics over solid acid catalysts, mainly zeolite-based, in order to replace environmentally unfriendly homogeneous FC-catalysts.

Part of research is oriented to direct conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons, mainly benzene, over heterogeneous catalysts based on modified zeolites ZSM Atomic spectroscopy. Hudec, A. Nociar, A. Toggle navigation. University University. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava hereinafter referred to as "STU" is a modern educational and scientific institution.

Since its foundation in the year more than In average, At our university studies at all stages and forms of study, about 12, local and foreign students at colleges and institutes based in Bratislava and Trnava.

Ing. Peter Hudec , , CSc.

STU is a research-oriented university. During its existence has contributed significantly to the development of scientific knowledge, dissemination and use of scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind. International activities. International cooperation is a significant area based on interactive contact with edu- cational as well as scientific - research institutions of the countries all over the world.

First of all, it is focused on solution of the joint projects within the EU framework. Read more STU Science and research Other research centres and laboratories. Characterization of prepared heterogeneous catalysts — for this area of research are constructed in laboratory several standard methods: a determination of total acidity of heterogeneous catalysts by TPDA Temperature-Programmed desorption of Ammonia method, b determination of Broensted and Lewis acid centers by the method of FTIR-spectra of adsorbed pyridine, c measuring of skeletal vibration FTIR-vibration by the method of KBr-technique, d in high-temperature vacuum cell it is possible to study FTIR- characteristics of heterogeneous catalytic processes in-situ on the surface of catalysts, e characterization of texture properties of heterogeneous catalysts by physical adsorption of nitrogen at the temperature of liquid nitrogen with the evaluation of specific surface are by BET-method, specific volume of micropores for zeolites and other microporous solids and surface of mesopores by t-plot method, and determination of mesopore size distribution.

Catalytic testing of heterogeneous catalysts — laboratory is equipped by a range of laboratory reactors from flow microreactor mg of catalyst on-line connected to gas chromatograph, via flow atmospheric reactors with catalyst bed of ca 5 ml to flow high-pressure reactors with catalyst bed of 10 — 50 ml, capable at pressure of hydrogen 3 - 5 MPa study some of important industrial refinery and petrochemical processes.

Some of heterogeneous catalytic processes are tested in mixed pressure autoclaves with volume of reaction mixtureup to ml. Publications: 1. Added: Frank G Hudec is 64 years old. Frank lives in New York, NY. Broadview Heights, OH. Chicago, IL. Susan K Hudec is 39 years old. She lives in El Cajon, CA. She works in the capacity of Financial Planning.

peter hudec bratislava

Online, Susan goes by the aliases susanlas and susy We Found Hudec. Petr Hudec - Petr-Hudec. Natalia Hudec - natalia. Veronica Hudec medicenflaca - vero. Jessica Hudec - jessicahudec1. Jarda Hudec - jarda. Michal Hudec - michal. Miroslav Hudec - miroslav. Mario Hudec - mario.

Hudec Pali - Hudec-Pali. Rudo Hudec - rudo. Petr Hudec - petr. Martin Hudec - martin. Emily Hudec - emilyhudec. Allison Hudec - AllisonHud. Bella Hudec - BizarrePlacebo. Cassie Hudec - MrsHudec. Maggie Hudec - maggiehudec. Hudec - MissHudec. Brendan Hudec - 01bhudes. Stephen Hudec - StephenHudec. Stefan Hudec - StefanHudec. Mike H - hudec2. Hudec Dental - HudecDental.

Jon Hudec - jmhudec.November is an important political turning-point in the Slovak modern history, which has also essentially influenced the status of art in society.

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The newly-acquired freedom of expression enabled artists not only to present their works in public but also to express critical opinions. The exhibition maps how various political issues have been reflected in the work of artists in both countries during the past thirty years. The range of themes revealed in the exhibited works is extremely wide, from targeted criticism aimed at specific political figures to society-wide problems, including the social position of women, consumerism and racism.

Particular historical individuals are featured more as episodic figures in the social atmosphere: they call attention to political mechanisms. As far back as the s, Rudolf Sikora and many others were actively drawing attention to the need to stop the pollution of the living environment. Brief texts help to set the individual works in their time of origin, illuminating the problems which Slovak and Czech society lived with in the given period. While individual artists may clash with one another in their political orientation, the message of their works tends towards an assertion of the principles of freedom, human rights and democracy.

Having said that, the possibilities of artistic freedom are an indicator of the state of society.

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Despite the change of political regime, this essay still has its universal validity. Current Slovak and Czech reality correspond to that pattern. The Power of the Powerless has been produced for the state institution Kunsthalle Bratislava, but it is being held in conditions where the future status of this institution has been unclear and under a long-term threat.

During the past thirty years the censorship has only rarely made direct interventions in our milieu. However, censorship takes on less immediately obvious forms: discontinuance of grant aid or cooperation, deprivation of space, "unexpected" technical problems, and so on.

Some of the artists who are exhibiting have actually suffered direct financial or legal damage on account of expressing their critical opinions. Besides individual initiatives, however, collective action is also extremely important.

The art scene, traditionally rather individualist and competitively focused, is coming to recognise this ever more urgent reality. Some the groupings and the collective initiatives which have emerged on this basis in recent times are represented at the exhibition.

There are small Havel busts in the form of soap. The process of washing out may refer to the gradual dissolution of ideals which comes about through manipulation of the legacy and also of the real political activity of prominent figures. These artists remind us that freedom of expression is not just about freedom but also about personal and collective responsibility for the state of the world.

In the records, they recall the life beforethe regime change and how was the influence of it on arts. Skip to main content.

EN SK. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the November events Kunsthalle Bratislava has prepared The Power of the Powerless, an exhibition focused on art that critically reflects on social problems in the Slovak and Czech context.


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